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Success is not a result of chance, it's a result of action.

Helping customer-obsessed leaders reach their full potential

DCX Accountability Coaching

Break Through

I've been where you are. Outwardly, you are a successful customer-obsessed executive or leader. And yet, inside, you feel off, like you're stuck. Like, there's something you want to accomplish but can't seem to get there? The org changes, politics, and demands from all sides are overwhelming and starting to burn you out, impacting your health, relationships, and the career you love.

achieve what you want
without burning out

DCX Accountability Coaching

Been here before

I'm guessing this isn't the first time you have felt this way and tried to overcome it.First, I want to mention that it's not your fault if you failed to hold yourself accountable in the past. There's a lot of input coming at you from many directions, which can be confusing. That information overload and your internal voice often keep you from the success you seek.

Just the knowledge of the
possibility of impending
accountability check-ins increases
positive behaviors by 50%.

DCX Accountability Coaching

You can do this

If you've been concerned in the past that you can't just succeed by holding yourself fully accountable to the things that are most important to you, I want to put those fears to rest. You can do this. You need the right person to support you.

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DCX Accountability Coaching

make a difference

So that's what I'm here for. I know you have a dream to change the world and make an impact in your life, business, and customer's experience, and I want to support you in making that happen.

You’re 95% more likely to
achieve your goals when you
commit yourself
to an accountability partner.

DCX Accountability Coaching

Accountability Coaching helps you quickly:

  • Show up as the leader you want to be

  • Gain more time in your day

  • Deliver on your commitments more easily

  • Work more effectively

  • Take action despite imposter syndrome

  • Make massive progress on your goals

  • Prevent overwhelm and burnout

  • Deliver exceptional experiences for your customers

  • and much more!

start seeing results in 7 days

DCX Accountability Coaching

Achieve results

Hello, I'm Mark Levy. My mission is to inspire, educate, and coach customer-obsessed professionals to create exceptional customer experiences.As a serial entrepreneur, consultant, advisor, author, and former Fortune 50 executive, I have been leading and coaching individuals and teams to deliver extraordinary results for over 25 years.It would be my honor to be your accountability coach and help you show up as the best possible version of yourself daily.

My story

When I was 26, I landed my first leadership role and felt like a complete imposter. The Partners had a lot of faith in me, but I wasn't sure how to handle everything that came with the role.Every day, I sat in my office with a list of items to do, afraid to ask for help because it might out me as not knowing. Then, pretty quickly, I got behind and started making decisions based on fear.While I could achieve some of what I was asked to do, the challenges became apparent to the Partners, and there was talk of separation.I knew that if I wanted to stay on and succeed, I needed to stop listening to my mind and focus on action and specific results. I needed help prioritizing, speaking up, taking action despite fear, and ultimately support in staying the course.So thinking I had to do this myself, I bought books on leadership, management, motivation, organizational structures, finance, and more. There was so much information out there that I got overwhelmed and discouraged.Then, a good friend recommended hiring an Accountability coach. He said he had similar issues and worked with a guy that changed his life.So I hired Steve as well.

Together we mapped out my main objectives, and he helped me put a plan of action together and stay accountable to my goals to ensure results.He helped me identify and eliminate harmful habits holding me back from reaching my full potential. He helped me see my blind spots, gave me new perspectives to consider, and gave me a safe place to talk through fears and thoughts of being an imposter.As positive as that sounds, working with him was not a walk in the park. He pushed me. He challenged me to challenge myself.He was all about helping me get results personally and professionally. And so was I. And it was hard work most of the time.And the work paid off.Over the next six years, with his methods ingrained in me, I helped the company create five new subsidiary companies and grew the top line by over 30x.And through the next 25 years, I honed the knowledge and tools I learned from Steve into a repeatable system. It was the key to my starting, advising, and running numerous companies in the media, telecom, technology, and customer experience spaces. Finally, seven years ago I joined a Fortune 50 company, quickly attaining the role of Vice president of Digital Experiences.DCX Accountability Coaching combines my life experience and the accountability system with my passion for customer experience. My goal is to help others like me achieve the results they seek for themselves and their customers.

The DCX accountability framework

Set specific and measurable goals
Create a course of action
Share your progress daily
Analyze your setbacks
Celebrate your successes

DCX Accountability Coaching

Challenge yourself

The most successful people in the world surround themselves with others who make them better—challenge them and hold them accountable for their goals. A coach can help you see your blind spots, give you perspective and keep you accountable to create your desired results.

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DCX Accountability Coaching

assess change

So what will you do differently today than yesterday? Think about it: what small action could YOU take right now that would make a big difference in your life? Then, assess where you want to effect change and create an unbiased customized plan for achieving your goals.

Adding a specific intention to take
action at a precise time more than
doubles the likelihood of
a goal being accomplished.

DCX Accountability Coaching

get out of your own way

If you want to make progress, you have to hold yourself accountable. Sometimes, you have blocks, fears, and negative thoughts that stop you from achieving what you want. When you're accountable to someone else, the opportunity for success is amplified. That's why accountability partners are so important.

DCX Accountability Coaching

Get support

The key to success is taking massive and consistent action. I can help you get crystal clear on what you want to accomplish and create a customized action plan to match your strengths and specific needs. I will push you to ensure you reach your fullest potential, keeping you accountable daily.

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The DCX accountability program

Focus on accountability and reach your personal and business goals.

The Program

  • Personal One-on-One Executive Coaching

  • One-hour onboarding call to set priorities and a strategic plan

  • Two 30-minute video coaching calls every month + post-session recordings and transcripts

  • Unlimited secure text messaging Accountability Check-ins (Free App)

  • Shared online workspace to collaborate on documents and plans

Accountability Extras

  • Weekly Action Planner

  • Goals and Habit-Tracker

  • Identify your Values worksheet

  • Strengths Exploration

  • 30-Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

If you are seeking assistance from someone who shares your passions,
please reach out for a discovery call

Are you as accountable as you want to be?

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DCX Accountability Coaching

You’re 95% more likely to achieve your goals when you commit yourself to an accountability partner.

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